The Scottish port is preparing for a big jump in cruise ship calls

The Scottish port is preparing for a big jump in cruise ship calls
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Greenock Ocean Terminal in Clydeport, one of the cruise ports on the west coast of Scotland, expects big strides in cruise ship arrivals this year. Nestled on the Firth of Clyde, the port will also showcase its new visitor center for cruise guests.

Greenock Terminal to welcome 150,000 cruise ships

Ninety-one cruise ships are slated to call at Greenock Ocean Terminal in 2023, a 25% year-on-year increase, officials said on March 15. Cruise ships will dock at the Scottish port’s new pontoon, carrying up to 150,000 cruise guests plus an estimated 38,000 crew members in the region – a record number of cruise arrivals.

The announcement followed other robust cruise ship arrival forecasts from the ports of Edinburgh, Dundee and other east Scottish ports that they unveiled in February Expect 50% increase in port calls in 2023according to the British port operator Capital Cruising.

The Greenock terminal in the city of Inverclyde welcomed 71 ships as it almost returned to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, and local officials say the surge in tourism this year will boost the region’s economy.

Cruise ship Princess in Greenock, Scotland (photo credit:

Clydeport Harbor Manager Jim McSporran said: “Welcoming cruise ships to Greenock is an extremely important aspect of our port offering and we are delighted to continue to attract and grow cruise ships to the region. This increase in tourism will benefit visitor attractions and businesses across Inverclyde and central Scotland and we look forward to welcoming these visitors throughout the season.”

The port is poised to open a $24 million cruise ship visitor center at the terminal, which will include arrival and departure lounges, a restaurant and rooftop terrace, and a museum.

Stephen McCabe, Member of Inverclyde Council, said: “It is about time that 2023 will be a record year for cruise arrivals, that the finishing touches will be given to our new state-of-the-art Cruise Ship Visitor Center at Greenock which will offer our guests from around the world a first class welcome to Inverclyde and the west coast of Scotland .”

6,334 MSC Cruises guests MSC Virtuosa is scheduled to call at the port for the first time in 2023 and is also among the largest ships to call at this year. The cruise season in Scotland runs from April to November.

More good news up north

Another port in the far north of Scotland, the port of Cromarty Firth, will also call for more cruise ships in 2023. According to the port, 125 ships are scheduled to call and bring around 200,000 cruise guests to the port, which is located in the town of Easter Ross and is considered the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. It is estimated that the seasonal arrivals add $24 million to the local economy.

In 2022, 109 cruise ships visited with around 142,000 guests. Numbers remain shy of pre-pandemic cruise arrivals; Around 236,000 cruise guests and crew members arrived in the port in 2019.

The first cruise ship of the season this year will be Ambassador Cruises. ambiencewith 1,700 guests and 600 crew members, is scheduled to call on April 1st. The largest planned cruise ship will be P&O Cruises. Britannia, with 3,900 passengers and 1,350 crew members. Among the ships making maiden voyages are the 2,050 guests of AIDA Cruises AIDAdiva.

Port Cruise Manager Allison McGuire said: “The record numbers of ships and passengers arriving in Invergordon this year demonstrates the enduring popularity of cruising and the continued appeal of the Highlands as a destination for visitors from around the world.”
Cruise ship in Greenock, Scotland

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