Two additional Filipino seafarers set to return to the Philippines with injuries

Two more injured Filipino seafarers from the ship hit by Houthi are returning to the Philippines on Thursday. The Department of Migrant Workers confirmed the arrival of the seafarers, who survived a missile attack in the Red Sea. Financial assistance has been provided to support their medical treatment and recovery.
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Two more Filipino seafarers injured in the recent Houthi missile attack on the ship Tru Confidence are set to arrive in the Philippines on Thursday, according to the Department of Migrant Workers. The Department confirmed that the seafarers will be flown home via air ambulance on March 14th, with a government team ready to provide assistance upon their arrival. A total of 13 Filipino crew members survived the attack while sailing through the Red Sea, with 11 already back in the country.

The injured seafarers will join the rest of the survivors, with two remaining in Djibouti City for medical treatment. The Department of Migrant Workers has provided financial assistance to the affected seafarers, including P50,000 from the DMW, P50,000 from the Overseas Workers Administration, and P20,000 from the Department of Social Welfare and Development. The whole-of-government team, directed by the President, is prepared to support the returning seafarers and ensure they receive the necessary assistance.

The incident highlights the risks faced by Filipino seafarers working in dangerous regions, such as the Red Sea. The government’s prompt response in providing financial aid and medical support to the affected crew members demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the welfare and safety of Filipino workers abroad. The arrival of the injured seafarers in the Philippines will mark a significant step in their recovery process, with the government standing ready to assist them in any way necessary.

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