UAE launch “Blue Pass” project to strengthen maritime cluster

In infographic outlining the objectives of Blue Pass
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The UAE government has launched a digital portal and app that will allow businesses to offer and purchase services in an integrated community in the national maritime sector. Known as Blue Pass, the initiative aims to reduce operational costs and increase the competitiveness of the UAE’s national maritime sector. It will create a unified platform that will enable maritime companies and merchant vessels operating in the UAE to purchase supplies and support services at competitive prices, including discounts, quality incentives, special offers and competitive privileges. The project is one of the transformational initiatives that the UAE Federal Government is pursuing to support its 2022 Performance Agreements and its We the UAE 2031 vision.

One of the primary goals of the Blue Pass project is to reshape the investment environment in the maritime sector in the UAE and the region by creating incentives that attract investors. The database of shipping companies and merchant vessels operating in the UAE and its waters that the project will build will also increase the attractiveness of the national maritime sector to foreign investors. Captain Karim El-Najjar, Founder and Director of Marihub, believes that the project will create new rules for buying and selling, exchanging benefits and negotiating incentives and facilities in the maritime sector and will take maritime services to a new level. Registration for the project is now open on the Blue Pass website.

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