Update: Kidnapped sailors rescued from Eagle Bulk’s ship

Update: Kidnapped sailors rescued from Eagle Bulk's ship
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Eagle Bulk Ship Management Singapore has confirmed that the three seafarers kidnapped by pirates in May on the Grebe Bulker have been rescued. Pirates boarded the bulk carrier on May 2, 2023, in the inner anchorage of the port of Owendo, Gabon, taking three crew members hostage. The ship had 20 crew members on board before the hijacking, and local port authorities were notified after the crew members were reported missing. The release of the seafarers involved in the incident was not disclosed.

This is the third recent incident of ship hijacking in the region, highlighting the need for increased vigilance and added security on ships. The shipping industry is susceptible to pirate attacks, and seafarers are valuable targets for ransom. Eagle Bulk worked with authorities, professional advisors, and employees to resolve the situation and thanked their employees and security personnel for their support. The crew members are currently receiving medical examinations and will soon be repatriated and reunited with their families.



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