USCG Medevacs cruise passenger who swallowed a battery

Video: USCG Medevacs cruise passenger who swallowed a battery
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An 86-year-old man on the Carnival Dream cruise ship swallowed a battery and required medical treatment. The Coast Guard was contacted, and a rescue helicopter was dispatched to meet the ship and transport the passenger to higher medical care at the University of Texas Medical Department at Galveston. The person is reportedly in stable condition following the incident. The Carnival Dream had just left Galveston and was on a week-long Caribbean voyage when the emergency occurred.

This was the second medevac case involving the Carnival Dream in two weeks. In the first incident, the crew requested a medical evacuation for a passenger who had symptoms of a heart attack. Although a helicopter crew was dispatched to the ship, encountering inclement weather meant that the operation had to be delayed. Eventually, the victim was evacuated and taken to University Medical Center in New Orleans in stable condition. The Coast Guard has released footage of the routine second rescue attempt, while passenger footage of the first incident shows a helicopter almost being swept into the water due to high winds.

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