Visakhapatnam Port Ranks Among the Top Three Ports for Cargo Handling

Visakhapatnam port is among the top three ports in terms of cargo handling
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Visakhapatnam Port Authority has secured the third position in cargo throughput among all major ports. The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways recently reviewed the performance of major ports from April to July, monitoring key performance indicators such as cargo volume, time before berth, turnaround time, production per vessel berth day, and idle time at berth.

Visakhapatnam Port Authority performed well in all these parameters, with a 3 percent year-on-year improvement in cargo volume, a 65 percent improvement in time before berth, a 16 percent improvement in turnaround time, a 14 percent improvement in production per vessel berth day, and a 4 percent improvement in idle time at berths. The Chairman, M. Angamuthu, praised the efforts and support of the Vice Chairman, Heads of Departments, officers, and staff in achieving continuous growth.

The port’s aim is to diversify its cargo basket by focusing on more coastal, fertilizer, and agricultural cargo, which is expected to increase its performance. Improving key port performance indicators will also help maintain a better position in the future. The Chairman emphasizes that these efforts will further drive cargo growth at the port.

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