World Sailing introduces revolutionary Sustainability Sessions

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World Sailing is launching a series of webinars called “Sustainability Sessions” aimed at improving sustainability in the sport. The sessions will be open to anyone and cover topics such as mega-fauna strikes, biosecurity, life-cycle assessments, and inclusion initiatives. The first session, titled “Clean Regattas and Classes,” will be led by Sailors for the Sea, an ocean conservation organization. Future sessions will feature Marine Shift 360, 11th Hour Racing Team, and the Magenta Project. Alexandra Rickham, World Sailing Head of Sustainability, emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for the environment and the progress that has been made in making sailing more sustainable. The Sustainability Sessions aim to further educate and engage the sailing community in sustainability efforts.

The first season of Sustainability Sessions will cover various topics from October 2023 to March 2024. These include sustainable events, fighting plastic pollution, female empowerment, and safeguarding. The sessions will be open, collaborative, and led by experts in the field. World Sailing hopes that the Sustainability Sessions will provide an opportunity for everyone in the sport to learn more and get involved in making sailing more sustainable. By addressing topics such as clean regattas, life-cycle assessments, and biosecurity, the sessions aim to empower participants to make better choices and take action to protect the environment.

World Sailing’s launch of the Sustainability Sessions marks a significant step towards improving sustainability in the sport. By providing free webinars open to anyone involved in sailing, World Sailing aims to educate and empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact. The sessions will cover a range of topics related to sustainability, including the prevention of environmental damage from mega-fauna strikes and the importance of inclusive and accessible sailing. By collaborating with experts and organizations such as Sailors for the Sea, Marine Shift 360, and the Magenta Project, World Sailing aims to bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire positive change. The Sustainability Sessions will serve as a platform for sharing best practices and fostering a collective effort towards a more sustainable future for the sport.

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