X Shore introduces latest electric boat model designed for maritime professionals

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Stockholm-based electric boat manufacturer X Shore has introduced its latest model, the X Shore PRO, targeting the maritime professional sector. The move comes as cities and countries around the world are implementing measures to reduce emissions from commercial boats. Amsterdam plans to ban diesel engines on its canals by 2025, while Venice has exempted electric boats from restrictions on boat traffic and air pollution. Norway has also committed to eliminating emissions from cruise ships and ferries in its fjords by 2026. In the US, states like Minnesota and Washington have already prohibited combustion engines.

The X Shore PRO is designed for various maritime applications, including commercial traffic, shuttle services, diving, and coast guards. X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu emphasized the importance of decarbonizing the boating and shipping industries and providing viable alternatives to fossil fuel-powered vessels. She believes that companies, cities, and politicians need to drive the transition to net-zero emissions, and the X Shore PRO is a valuable tool to help achieve sustainability targets.

The introduction of the X Shore PRO reflects the growing demand for electric vessels in the maritime industry as countries and cities implement stricter regulations to reduce emissions. X Shore aims to contribute to the decarbonization of the industry and provide a scalable and high-performance alternative to fossil fuel-powered boats. By targeting the maritime professional sector, the company hopes to reach a wider audience and accelerate the transition to electric-powered vessels.

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