ZIM Warns of Service Disruptions Due to Israel War

Israeli Shipping Line ZIM Warns of Potential Service Disruptions from War
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Israeli shipping company ZIM has warned its customers of potential disruptions to its services due to the ongoing war in Israel. Despite the challenging situation, the company is still accepting bookings to and from Israel, with ports in Ashdod, Haifa, and Eilat operating as normal. However, insurers have imposed an additional war risk insurance premium on all ships calling at Israeli ports, which ZIM is required to pay in order to maintain its services. As a result, the company has announced that it will pass this cost onto customers with immediate effect.

ZIM expressed its support for the victims of the conflict and its commitment to the safety of its employees. The company’s priority remains providing a reliable and consistent service to its customers, while also adhering to strict operational standards. Although the claim has not been independently confirmed, Ryan Petersen, the founder and CEO of Flexport, stated that ZIM is using its roll-on/roll-off vessels to support the war effort. ZIM assured its customers that it is taking all necessary measures to meet their needs during these challenging times.

This announcement from ZIM comes amidst the conflict in Israel, with tensions escalating between the Israeli military and Palestinian militants. The war risk insurance premium imposed on all ships calling at Israeli ports reflects the increased risks associated with operating in the region during this period of conflict. Despite the challenges, ZIM aims to continue its operations while ensuring the safety of its employees and providing a reliable service to its customers.

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