Careers At Sea

In the good old days, every student had a legacy to live-upto. It was unimaginable, that a Mariner’s son would be anything but a Mariner ! People took pride in saying that several generations were in the same line. Employers would give preference to an employee’s son, other factors being equal. There was a lot of loyalty and a feeling of commitment to good values Today, things are different. Modern day youth thinks differently. Not many have the least interest in ‘living-upto’ []

Private Shipping Companies To Be Asked To Provide Maritime Training.

NEW DELHI: The government will be asking the private shipping companies to provide slots on board for training to maritime institutes. Now this facility is being offered by the state-owned Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) only. This was decided at a recent high-level meeting. Sources said that the shipping ministry asked director general of shipping to convene a meeting of the Indian ship owners to persuade them to give training slots in the general interest of maritime training in India The ministry []

Effective Team Building

The German poet, Goethe, gave us a message : ‘Connect, always Connect’. In our context, this message is more relevant now, than ever before. The only reason we are still preferred, over other nationalities, is because of our superior quality of work. However, this will only remain good, if we can work effectively together, as a team, to achieve much more, than we could ever do alone. A Brazilian proverb puts the idea more succinctly: ‘When I dream alone, it remains just []

MINICOY –The Island Of Seafarers

Minicoy is situated at 8o17′ north latitude and 73o04 east longitude and is a prominent island in the Lakshadweep archipelago of India. It is unique in many respects. Locally known as Maliku, this majestic island has an area of 4.4 sq km. It is the second largest island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep with a length of about 11 km and a maximum width about 2 km. The islet to its south-west is called Viringili. Another sandbank called Raggang, not far []