ISPS Concerns For Overworked Souls.

Too much is always expected of too few overworked souls onboard’.

It is well known that Mariners make very valuable contribution to the world economy and their job is also very tough. It is hoped that serving Mariners will not be made a scapegoat when the ISPS Code is put into force from 1 st July 2004.

Experience over years have shown that too much is always expected of too few overworked souls onboard. They need to be sympathised with and given all possible assistance and not made a scapegoat especially if their ships on which they are serving are held by Flag States for shortcomings.

In our opinion with this short time declared as 1 st July’04 for entry into force of ISPS due consideration should be given to the special working environment of the Mariners which are totally dependant on ship-owners, and only that much responsibility allotted which is practicable and possible.

We must remember Mariners themselves are direct victims of piracy and terrorism. They are doing their best and will continue to do so but a peculiar situation can put limitation on how much they can contribute. In this respect a Master will need honest support and commitment from International authorities rather than to be blamed to make sea trade safer for benefit of all mankind.

Who knows it could happen that in case of an unwanted Piracy or Terrorist attack a form of investigation could start on a Master of a vessel who could be charged for violations of various regulations of ISPS Code and also procedures by same authorities who could not ensure security of their own Port approaches. An even bigger trauma could start for a Mariner when he could be harrassed, prosecuted and punished when Ports have themselves been direct victims of the incident.

– Vikram Gokhale & N. Nanda (authors of NG Series)

[Mr Vikram Gokhale and Mr. N. Nanda are both Marine Engineers, who are senior faculty with LBS College. They have extensive experience, not only as teachers in the Marine field, but also practical experience as shipboard engineers, in tackling a variety of problems.]

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