Crew Mirror Digest 06-2023

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India seen as one of the year’s fastest-growing destinations for cargo ships and trade

05 Feb 2023
India is seeing an ever greater number of box ships visiting its shores, and as the fastest-growing major economy in the world, this is necessitating the construction of larger ports.

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India’s GDP has been forecast by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to grow at 6.8 per cent this year, while the exports from the nation accelerate at a rapid pace.

Trade between India and the US reached a record high of US $ 119.42 billion in the 2012-22 fiscal year, according to data from the International Trade Administration, an increase from US $ 80.51 billion in the previous year.

India’s economy is set for a rapid phase of growth in 2023 according to research from S&P Global Market Intelligence. This growth will be aided by surplus trade activity as India diversifies its base of manufacturing.

The growing interest in Indian traffic was reflected recently by sister companies COSCO and OOCL launching a Southeast Asia – India – US east coast service in December after closing a China – Vietnam – US east coast loop.

Global liners like Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd are retrenching more resources and staff to India. The German company has recently taken an ownership stake in JM Baxi Ports & Logistics, one of India’s leading private terminal and inland transport service providers. Reference

Panama Recovers $15.7 Million in Wages Owed to Seafarers

05 Feb 2023
The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) said it has recovered more than $15.7 million in wage payments owed to seafarers who sail on Panamanian-flagged vessels.

Under its current administration, through the General Directorate of Seafarers (DGGM), the AMP said it has recovered $15,763,052.24 for vessel crewmembers, including $5,315,909.99 in 2022.

The AMP said that during this span 1,248 maritime labor complaints were processed (including 451 in 2022) and that 1,864 crew members of various nationalities have been repatriated through the intervention of the AMP the shipowners, operators and Protection and Indemnity Clubs (known as P&I Clubs) after found abandoned on Panamanian-flagged ships in different parts of the world. 478 of the repatriations occurred in 2022. The mariners were able to return homes with the payment of their owed wages, guaranteeing due compliance with national and international regulations that protect their labor and social rights.

Nationwide, 935 maritime labor inspections have been carried out, of which 351 correspond to the year 2022. AMP noted that this year inspections will continue on board domestic and international service vessels of the Panamanian registry. Reference

India: Budget 2023 adds on to development of maritime infrastructure

04 Feb 2023
In what the industry leaders said was a ‘landmark’ Budget, the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that in order to promote coastal shipping as a cost saving and energy efficient mode of transportation for both passenger and freight. The sector will look at increased development in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode with viable gap funding, which will further give a boost to the freight movement in East as well as West coasts of India.

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The FM said that coastal shipping is a win-win situation for India’s logistics and supply chain sector, considering that ports are an eco-friendly as well as cost effective method of shipping.

To set the context, it is important to note that India has a coastline spanning more than 7,000 kilometer, yet each year, we lose business to other South Asian ports like Colombo and Singapore. Keeping this in mind, the government has established a 10 year roadmap for the development of maritime infrastructure – Maritime India Vision 2030 – which will give India a better global supply chain standing.

As the gameplan is implemented over time, it will lead to a reduction in cost, pollution (noise, air) as well as the number of accidents each year. Reference

Lightest Sailing Vessel on the High Seas

04 Feb 2023
The highly anticipated sailing yacht, christened Nilaya, left the Dutch yard’s Vollenhove facility earlier this week to have her towering rig fitted in Amsterdam before she finally hits the seas.

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The aluminum 154-footer, previously known as Project 405, will be the first to use Royal Huisman’s revolutionary new “Featherlight” production method. According to the yard, this approach is rooted in spacecraft technology and aims to reduce a vessel’s weight without comprising strength or quality. The team says it has succeeded, too; the newcomer is 11 percent lighter than the average aluminum cruising yacht. She could even set a new record.

Royal Huisman conducted a careful weight analysis inside and out to ensure each part of Nilaya was crafted from the right lightweight material. The curvaceous coachroof and guest cockpit were made from carbon composite. Nilaya’s mast, boom and standing rigging are also carbon to keep the yacht’s weight as low and as centered as possible for optimal balance. Reference

India: DP World to develop mega-container terminal at Deendayal Port

03 Feb 2023
UAE-based logistics giant DP World has won a major concession to develop, operate and maintain the mega-container terminal at Deendayal port in Gujarat, on the western coast of India. The contract was awarded by the Deendayal Port Authority under on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis.

Image Source: Offshore Energy

The project involves the construction of a mega-container terminal at Tuna-Tekra through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The terminal will include a 1,100-metre berth, and will be capable of handling vessels carrying more than 18,000 TEUs. Total capacity will be 2.19 million TEUs.

Once complete, the terminal will help unlock future container traffic growth in India, catering to exports and imports from Northern, Western and Central India, reducing logistics cost and enhancing efficiencies across supply chains.

The new terminal will be constructed and equipped with most modern facilities and equipment over an area of approximately 63 hectares. The terminal will be well connected to the hinterland through the network of roads, highways, railways and the Dedicated Freight Corridors. Reference

Maritime UK to inspire girls to consider maritime careers

03 Feb 2023
Maritime UK has been awarded £100,000 in grant funding from the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB) on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT) to deliver a Maritime Roadshow for Girls throughout 2023.

Image Source: Safety4Sea

The roadshow will aim to encourage Key Stage 3 girls to choose STEM subjects and to give the students greater awareness of career opportunities across the maritime industry.

DfT’s latest investment in delivering Maritime 2050 builds upon their work to establish the Maritime Skills Commission, Diversity in Maritime Taskforce, and Careers Taskforce in partnership with Maritime UK.

Each roadshow, held across all nations and regions of the UK, will offer students the chance to take part in speed networking with a Maritime UK Industry Ambassador and will feature a series of hands-on STEM activities.

Students will receive information about the maritime sector and the schools will be supported with follow-up activities to increase the impact of the event. The events are designed to support the schools with their careers education, information, and guidance (CEIAG) programmes. Reference

Indian Coast Guard celebrates its 47th Raising Day

02 Feb 2023
The Indian Coast Guard on Wednesday celebrated its 47th anniversary of ‘dedicated and distinguished service’ to the nation.

In an official release, the Coast Guard said, “The day is an opportune moment to reaffirm our resolute commitment and selfless service for safeguarding the maritime interests of our nation.”

Further, according to the release, the Coast Guard continues to live up to its motto ‘VAYAM RAKSHAMAH’, meaning ‘We Protect’.

The force patrolling the country’s maritime borders has always been a sentinel of selfless service and is widely recognised by the International maritime fraternity, the release stated further.

A ceremony was organised to celebrate the momentous occasion on January 31 and February 1 at Headquarters, Coast Guard Eastern Seaboard. Reference

Standardised Noon Report data format published

02 Feb 2023
A Standardised Vessel Dataset (SVD) for Noon Reports has been launched by the Smart Maritime Council following the completion of a proof-of-concept project involving vessel operators OSM Maritime, Thome Group and V.Ships.

Image Source: The Maritime Executive

SVD offers a non-proprietary list of standard data points that can be freely applied by any maritime industry stakeholders to simplify data collection and analysis.

The standardised data from the different companies was shared with Lloyd’s Register (LR), acting as the technology partner on the project, and uploaded into one of its software platforms adapted to accept the standard format for analysis, eliminating the need to run a separate translation procedure for each individual operator.

With this step, the proof-of-concept project was successfully completed, delivering a standardised set of data points covering common items within the Noon Report that allowed information from three different shipping companies to be collected in a standard format and successfully imported into a software application for analysis without any further customisation.

The initial version of the SVD for Noon Reports already incorporates a number of open international standard formats applying to the items included in the Noon Report list, such as those used by the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) in its published JIT Port Call Data Definitions and Standards for Operational Vessel Schedules. The Port Information Manual produced by the International Taskforce Port Call Optimization (ITPCO) was also used as a reference. Reference

Somerset student to take electric powerboat around UK

02 Feb 2023
A student is to attempt the fastest circumnavigation of the UK in an electric boat. Harry Besley, 16, from Somerset, said he wants to demonstrate the potential of electric engines in boats.

Image Source: BBC

He has now launched the Round Britain eRIB challenge for this summer to encourage the marine industry to find a more sustainable future. Harry will be 17 when he attempts the record.

The route will start west along the south coast, north past Wales, stop at the Isle of Man and across to Northern Ireland, through the Caledonian Canal then south down the east of Scotland and England and back to the south coast.

There will more than 40 charging stops used on the journey.

Harry said his passion for boats started at a young age and he is currently in the Navy Section of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at school. Reference

As Ice Recedes, Italian Ship Makes Record Journey into the Antarctic

02 Feb 2023
An Italian ice-breaker carrying scientists researching in the Antarctic has sailed further south than any ship has done before, the organizers of the voyage said on Tuesday, a further sign of how ice is retreating around the poles.

Image Source: gCaptain

The Laura Bassi vessel reached a point with the coordinates of 78° 44.280 S in the Bay of Whales in the Ross Sea, according to Italy’s National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics.

The voyage was made possible by an unusual lack of ice in the area, it said. Satellite analysis last year showed that Antarctica’s coastal glaciers are shedding icebergs more rapidly than nature can replenish.

A previous voyage with a different vessel to the same area in 2017 came up against impenetrable ice, he said.

Researchers from the Laura Bassi took samples to study fish in the waters and explored to a depth of 216 meters to help get a better understanding of the sea currents. Reference

Record orderbook set to drive unprecedented LNG fleet growth

02 Feb 2023
An average of more than three new LNG carriers were ordered every week of last year, boosting the orderbook to 323 ships, 49% of the fleet. The sector is likely to continue to expand as LNG becomes an increasingly important component of the global energy mix.

Image Source: Seatrade Maritime News

Changing energy patterns driven primarily by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, undersea pipeline sabotage, and mounting concern over energy security, are key factors driving rapid fleet growth and pushing new ship prices over $250m with further increases likely, according to Aman Sud, Drewry’s lead analyst on the LNG sector.

The fleet comprised 739 ships by the end of 2022 and, despite new construction yards entering the sector in China, slots are extremely tight until 2026, with discussions now in progress on 2027 and 2028 deliveries.

LNG carrier demand is unlikely to ease any time soon. The second phase of Qatar’s huge contracting programme is imminent and additional capacity will be needed for new projects under development.

About 25 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of new liquefaction capacity is due on stream this year and next, and more than 20mtpa of liquefaction capacity is due to reach final investment decision (FID) by 2024, according to Drewry. Reference

India: Centre to amend present Seafarers Provident Fund Act -DG Shipping

01 Feb 2023
Considering the limitations in the present Seafarers Provident Fund Act, 1966, a review of the Act has been undertaken and would be amended soon, the Directorate General of Shipping has informed.

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This information was provided by the DG Shipping in response to the nine demands that Rajya Sabha MP Luizinho Faleiro had sent to the statutory Maritime authority of the country, on behalf of Goa Seaman Association of India (GSAI).

The DG Shipping has replied in detail to the issues raised by Faleiro, informing about the measures it has taken.

DG Shipping also replied to the concerns raised by the MP about how the existing pension scheme is insufficient for retired seafarers or widows of seafarers. It provided the status regarding the charter demand for exemption of income tax for all Indian seafarers working on Indian and foreign vessels.  

DG Shipping also responded to the demand put forward to them regarding solving unemployment and reducing the gap between demand and supply. Reference

2022: A Year Of Recovery For Seafarer Welfare, Says Latest Seafarers Happiness Index

01 Feb 2023
The Mission to Seafarers has issued its Q4 findings on seafarer happiness and annual review, as well as new insights on vessel conditions impact on seafarer welfare from Idwal.

Image Source: Marine Insight

The latest Seafarers Happiness Index report, published by The Mission to Seafarers, reveals average seafarer happiness levels in the last quarter of 2022 reached 7.69/10, up from 7.3 with levels rising across almost all categories, reflecting the sustained upward trend seen throughout the year.

The results of the survey show that even the historically most problematic areas, such as shore leave and access to welfare ashore, are recovering. Crew members continued to express their relief at the return of freedom of movement, as well as their increased sense of certainty and stability. The survey was undertaken with the support of the Standard Club and Idwal.

The only area in which there was a decline in satisfaction was connectivity. Quality and cost are still concerns and there is a growing demand for free or inexpensive access as enjoyed by colleagues ashore. Many seafarers believe such access would improve social life at sea with responses like: “we gathered to watch live World Cup football and the atmosphere on board was fantastic.”

In 2022, seafarers’ happiness has steadily increased from its lowest point in Q1 2022 to something of a high-water mark at the end of the year. Reference

Flag States Increase Seafarer Reporting 25% – ICS

31 Jan 2023
The annual Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table, published today from the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), highlights a 25% increase in flag states reporting on seafarer labor standards compared to last year. Each year flag states must report on labor standards as part of their ILO audit commitments. Some of the labor standards specific to seafarers include repatriation of seafarers, accommodation provision, health protection and medical care. This year 67.6% of flag states reported on their ILO audit commitments, an increase of 25% on the previous year where only 42.9% of reports were submitted.

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The Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table brings together data regarding the performance of flag States against specific criteria, including Port State Control (PSC) records, ratification of international conventions and IMO meeting attendance. The flag state of a merchant ship is the jurisdiction under whose laws the ship is registered or licensed and is deemed the nationality of the vessel.

The Table is intended to encourage shipowners to maintain a dialogue with their flag States, and help facilitate necessary improvements in the interests of safety, the environment and decent working conditions. It also encourages shipowners and operators to examine whether a flag State has sufficient substance before using it. Reference

Weather routeing is essential for safe, optimised voyages

31 Jan 2023
Shipowners need to improve voyage efficiency to meet the tough requirements of IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings, agreed an expert panel on Riviera Maritime Media’s Voyage optimisation and safe navigation whatever the weather webinar. This event was held 26 January 2023, sponsored by Yara Marine, during Riviera’s Vessel Optimisation Webinar Week.

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The delegates agreed for access to the right data, in the right format and at the right time, means ship and shore staff can make better, balanced decisions in terms of optimising voyages to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

“Weather routeing is absolutely essential,” said Mr Cameron. Voyage management should include wind, wave and current information, plus the experience and knowledge of ship management and vessel crews.

Digitalisation, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics have enabled vessel and voyage optimisation and allow innovative shipowners to remain ahead of their competition. With cloud computing, IoT and other technologies, “we have the capability of knowing almost everything at sea” enabling better voyage planning, said Prof Dalaklis. Reference

GRSE signs MoU to manufacture Rolls Royce marine engines in India

30 Jan 2023
Kolkata-based public sector shipyard, Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rolls Royce Solutions of Germany to locally manufacture the latter’s marine diesel engines.

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The MoU deals with the Transfer of Technology related to engine assembly, painting, parts sourcing and after-sales service for these engines that are to be assembled at GRSE’s diesel engine plant in Ranchi, the statement said, adding that so far, these engines are imported, bringing down the indigenous content of these classes of vessels built at Indian shipyards.

MTU is a solution brand of Power Systems, a fully-owned subsidiary of Rolls Royce. The manufacture of these engines in India would also provide a great opportunity to local industry, particularly Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) involved in the manufacture of components and spares, the statement added. Reference

Note: All above news items compiled in this digest should be considered as news in brief. For detailed news, please refer to reference link, mentioned with each item.

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