News Bulletin – 08 May 2021

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07 May

1. Rolls-Royce Launches First mtu Marine Summit

07 May 2021 : What role can shipping play in preventing further global warming? How can we protect the environment and also run profitable businesses? What will be the major drivers, market trends and solutions in the future of the maritime industry? These questions and more will be discussed at the first virtual mtu Marine Summit, 18-20 May.

During the event, entitled ‘dive into a world of solutions’, marine professionals shall point the way forward on how to reduce greenhouses gases in shipping in a sustainable way without compromising performance or reliability.

2. New Indicator Seeks to Quantify and Inform Crew Change Crisis

07 May 2021 : More than a year after the global shipping industry came together to highlight the plight of seafarers and the challenges to global trade due to the pandemic, the crew change crisis remains unresolved and has the potential to grow worse according to new information from a collaboration of industry leaders. They point to a resurgence of the virus in shipping centers, such as the current crisis on the Indian subcontinent, which led many jurisdictions to ban Indian crew members or seafarers who had traveled in those regions.


06 May

3. Developing a Technology to Produce Hydrogen from Seawater or Brine

06 May 2021 : An early-stage technology startup company is developing a new process for the production of hydrogen from seawater or brine without the need for desalination. The Baltimore, Maryland-based company, sHYp B.V., is on track for a first commercial pilot before the end of 2021 of the technology that it believes could revolutionize the maritime, offshore wind, and oil and gas industries.

sHYp’s technology produces hydrogen from a process that uses a membrane-less electrolyzer that does not require desalination of the seawater or brine and does not produce toxic waste. The process, which can be 3D printed and is designed for modular generation at the point of use, means the company says that it can be located at ports, offshore to harness surplus electricity generated by wind, solar, and wave farms, and in the future, on board ships.

4. Shipping unites to create $1M target emergency relief fund in response to COVID-19 seafarer crisis

06 May 2021 : Leading seafarer welfare charities and shipping industry players have launched an emergency relief fund in order to support seafarers and their families devastated by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic in India and other countries.
Seafarers have been the invisible victims of COVID-19, with hundreds of thousands marooned on vessels for months beyond agreed contracts, in some cases.

05 May

5. Maritime women encourage gratitude journaling to help cope with pandemic stress

05 May 2021 : Two Maritime women are encouraging people who may be feeling stressed amid the pandemic to consider starting a gratitude journal. Every morning without fail, Shelley Butler of Riverview, N.B., said that she wakes up reminding herself what she is grateful for and then jots it down in her journal, “People say to me, ‘What do you write? I don’t know what to write.’ So, I start my day with, ‘It is beautiful, it is sunny, maybe it is raining,’ and I put the date down,” Butler said.Keeping a gratitude journal amid the pandemic has helped her maintain a positive mindset, Butler said.

6. MSC Cruises reveals fleet-wide crew vaccination plan


05 May 2021 : MSC Cruises has started a fleet-wide Covid-19 vaccination programme for all its crew.Crew of flagship MSC Virtuosa will be vaccinated ahead of the ship’s maiden voyage from May 20 around the UK from Southampton, according to the line.The line plans to prioritise crew on ten ships earmarked for summer 2021 cruises in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, those due to restart in the Caribbean out of US ports as well as others that are gearing up for their restart. The ten ships have confirmed itineraries and ports of call in Italy, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Germany and the UK with plans to add France, Spain and more, as more countries open their borders and relax travel restrictions.

04 May

7. U.S. Ports, Cruise Lines Step Up Crew COVID-19 Vaccines

04 May 2021 : (12:10 p.m.) – In a sign that cruise lines are embracing the recent guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention encouraging fully vaccinated ships, U.S. ports and cruise lines have launched efforts to get seafarers vaccinated.

Port Canaveral claimed status as the first to give jabs to cruise ship crew, with officials announcing their COVID-19 vaccination program started Friday. The only ship in port that day was Disney Dream. PortMiami followed over the weekend, and the Port of Galveston is lining up crew for vaccines beginning Monday. At the same time, MSC Cruises said Saturday it has started a fleetwide COVID-19 vaccination program.

8. IAP on Maritime Decarbonisation unveils 9 Pathways for the Shipping industry

04 May 2021 : The International Advisory Panel on Maritime Decarbonisation (IAP) formed in July 2020 by the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), with the support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), has submitted its recommendations to the Singapore Government. The IAP has identified nine pathways to maritime decarbonisation, including policy options to accelerate the transition and ways in which Maritime Singapore can support the industry’s decarbonisation.


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