Accelleron Unveils Revolutionary X300-L Turbochargers for Two-Stroke Engines.

Accelleron Re introduces turbocharging with the launch of the next-generation X300-L low-speed series
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Accelleron has launched its X300-L series, the next generation of turbochargers for two-stroke engines. The X300-L series has a service-friendly and platform-based design, which sets a new benchmark for turbocharging and provides flexibility for ship operators to respond to uncertainties regarding future fuel requirements. The series of fuels also has improved power density and efficiency and a unique cartridge concept. The entire rotor assembly can be replaced with a new or reconditioned cartridge in a single port call, separating overhaul from dry dock schedules.

The X300-L’s improved serviceability means that turbocharger overhaul is no longer tied to dry dock schedules. Turbochargers can now be serviced in-port, extending the full runtime between overhauls. This reduces operational costs and gives operators greater flexibility in their service plans, resulting in only three scheduled services instead of four within a ship’s 25-year lifespan. The series is equipped with Accelleron’s Turbo Insight digital technology, which enables operators to identify opportunities for performance improvement and anticipate maintenance requirements.

The platform-based concept allows the X300-L to adapt to future changing requirements. The series of fuels was designed with scope for higher pressure conditions and for the integration of turbocharger core components for specific fuels more quickly. In this way, the benefits of dockside cartridge swapping can be extended to even the largest engines and ship types. The X300-L’s improvements in power density combined with the unique cartridge concept result in more flexibility in motor layout. The options for switching off the turbocharger are expanded, leading to significant fuel savings. The first X300-L turbochargers are expected to be delivered at the end of 2025, and the first orders can be accepted in the second half of 2024.

Christoph Rofka, President of Accelleron’s Medium and Low-Speed Products Division, emphasizes the X300-L series’ flexibility, performance improvement opportunities, and improved serviceability. The series offers ship operators an excellent opportunity to outperform existing performance and excel on their journey to decarbonization. The X300-L series reimagines turbocharging for an age of multi-fuel and increasing cost pressures in shipping.

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