Advancing Sustainable Maritime Operations with New Air Lubrication Technology for Ships

Alfa Laval has signed an MOU for OceanGlide installations with a Korean shipbuilding company, showcasing the growing interest in energy-efficient solutions for decarbonisation. The innovative air lubrication technology improves vessel performance by reducing frictional resistance, leading to up to 12% propulsion power savings, lower fuel consumption, and reduced emissions.
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Alfa Laval has signed an MOU with a Korean shipbuilding company for the installation of OceanGlide, showcasing increasing interest in the technology for energy efficiency and decarbonisation. Through this agreement, KSB aims to improve vessel performance by reducing frictional resistance using air lubrication technology. OceanGlide integrates fluidics with air lubrication to enhance propulsion power savings by up to 12%, leading to lower fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, and improved compliance with environmental regulations.

Rajiv Sarin, Head of Air Lubrication at Alfa Laval, expressed pride in the partnership with KBS, highlighting the market’s trust in their innovative and efficient solutions. Tae-Hyun Koh, CTO of K Shipbuilding, sees OceanGlide as a tool to enhance ship operation efficiency and align with their goal of building competitive ships. The fluidic technology of OceanGlide creates streamlined airflow sections on a vessel’s bottom, regulating air layers efficiently with fewer compressors, contributing to energy conservation and sustainable maritime operations.

The collaboration between Alfa Laval and KSB for OceanGlide installations signifies a significant step towards energy efficiency and decarbonisation in the maritime industry. By leveraging air lubrication technology, KSB aims to enhance vessel performance and reduce fuel consumption, ultimately leading to lower CO2 emissions and improved compliance with environmental regulations. The partnership highlights the market’s growing trust in Alfa Laval’s innovative solutions and the potential for OceanGlide to revolutionize ship operation efficiency and sustainability in the shipping industry.

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