Alta to Construct New Cruise Ship Harbor

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The Port of Alta in Norway is planning to build a new cruise terminal to accommodate larger ships. Estimated to cost 200m NOK, the terminal is expected to be completed by 2025 and will have the capacity to handle the largest cruise ships. It will also be equipped with shore power and have space for 20-25 buses. Currently, cruise ships use a smaller quay, which limits other activities in the harbor when they are present. The port is prioritizing passenger transit over crew facilities at this time.

During a fam trip hosted by Cruise Norway, representatives from Ambassador Cruise Line visited the port and recommended the addition of facilities for crew members, such as a dedicated area for relaxation and communication. The port acknowledged the need for a crew area but stated that passenger transit was the current priority. Ambassador Cruise Line is scheduled to make seven calls to Alta this winter.

The fam trip also included visits to attractions in the area, such as the Alta Museum to see UNESCO World Heritage rock art, a husky interaction experience at Trasti & Trine, and a stop at Sami Siida to learn about Sami handicrafts. Other activities highlighted during the trip included riverboat experiences to Alta Canyon, snowmobiling at Gargia Lodge, and northern lights camps offered by Glød and Paeskatun. The visit to Alta concluded with stops at the Alta Cathedral and Sjokolade Camilla, where participants could taste handmade chocolates.

Overall, the development of a new cruise terminal in Alta will enhance the port’s capacity to accommodate larger cruise ships and provide improved facilities for passengers. While crew facilities are currently not a priority, the port acknowledges the need for dedicated areas for crew members. The fam trip showcased various attractions and activities in the area, highlighting the unique cultural and natural experiences available to cruise passengers visiting Alta.

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