Anglo-Eastern’s India RPSL suspension put on hold

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Anglo-Eastern Ship Management’s recruitment and placement service license (RPSL) has been suspended for three years from 1 June in relation to the ongoing investigation into the death of a seafarer in 2018. However, the suspension has been put on hold following a review by the Principal Officer of the Mercantile Marine Department, Mumbai. The India Directorate of Shipping website lists the license as valid until 28 January 2027. Anglo-Eastern states that it will continue to operate normally and employ around 20,000 Indian officers and crew as usual.

Anglo-Eastern is one of the largest ship managers globally, providing crewing services for nearly 1,000 vessels. Following the investigation, the company stated that it would cooperate with all relevant authorities, and is committed to improving seafarer safety and wellbeing. The investigation concerns the death by natural causes of a Chief Engineer on board Hong Kong-flagged ship M T Atlantic Olive on 17 April 2018, during the period that the vessel was managed by Anglo-Eastern.

Despite the RPSL suspension, Anglo-Eastern’s Indian crewing division will remain fully operational, and their employees’ joining schedules will not be disrupted. The ship manager has expressed its commitment to India’s crewing industry for many years to come. The company’s cooperation with competent authorities throughout the investigation is also expected to continue.

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