Antwerp Terminal Services and CMB.TECH present hydrogen dual-fuel stradle carriers

Antwerp Terminal Services and CMB.TECH present hydrogen dual-fuel stradle carriers
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Antwerp Terminal Services (ATS), a joint venture between MSC PSA Europe Terminal (MPET) and PSA Antwerp (PSAA), has launched the world’s first H2 dual fuel straddle carrier in the Port of Antwerp.

Specifically, through the use of state-of-the-art H2 dual-fuel internal combustion engine technology, developed by cleantech company CMB.TECH and integrated into a straddle carrier with support from ATS, the machine will run on a mixture of hydrogen and diesel.

In line with the UN Paris Climate Agreement and the EU Green Deal, ATS, MPET and PSAA aim to reduce their CO2 emissions. As part of their plans to achieve these goals, the partners will begin operating a dual-fuel straddle carrier that injects hydrogen into its diesel internal combustion engine.

In addition, dual-fuel technology is capable of replacing 70% of diesel consumption on new van carriers with hydrogen, with the ultimate goal of 100% hydrogen injection.

After a 24-month design and development phase, the partners will now begin testing the performance of the dual-fuel straddle carrier in live operations at PSAA’s Noordzee terminal.

They will assess how to improve equipment design and other factors needed to scale this new technology, including the delivery and storage of hydrogen for an entire fleet.

In addition, this next phase will be supported by PIONEERS, a project funded by the European Union and coordinated by the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Roy Campe, CTO of CMB.TECH, commented: “Ports have already been identified as hydrogen technology hotspots. Due to the heavy use of straddle carriers, dual fuel technology can provide the right balance between reducing emissions while maintaining operational performance, robustness and cost efficiency.”

Source: News Network

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