Australia Bans Bulker for Engine Disclosure Failures

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned the ship Darya Shaan due to known maintenance issues. AMSA alleges that the operator, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (India), failed to report defects, leading to a 180-day ban. The vessel was found to have multiple maintenance issues, prompting AMSA to take strict enforcement actions.
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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has recently banned the Indian-flagged bulker Darya Shaan over concerns regarding known maintenance issues on board the vessel. AMSA alleges that the operator, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management (India), was aware of these problems before the ship arrived at the Port of Melbourne in April 2024. Inspectors found multiple maintenance issues, including defective main engine control systems and faulty alarm monitoring systems.

The investigation into the containership Dali, which allided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore in March 2024, is also focusing on maintenance records to determine if the vessel had electrical system issues before departure. AMSA’s actions against the Darya Shaan highlight the importance of reporting defects and ensuring proper maintenance to prevent safety risks to the crew, vessel, and marine environment. The organization has emphasized the need for compliance with regulations and effective maintenance practices.

AMSA had previously warned ship owners and operators about the importance of planned maintenance of propulsion and auxiliary equipment following challenges posed by the pandemic. The ban on the Darya Shaan serves as a strong message against concealing serious defects and demonstrates the authority’s commitment to ensuring safety and compliance in Australian waters. This ban marks the second issued in 2024, reflecting AMSA’s reputation for strict enforcement to uphold safety standards and labor regulations.

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