Lakshadweep Government Halts Beypore Port Ship Traffic Due to Infrastructure Issues

Lakshadweep government ignores Beypore and starts more sea services to Mangaluru
Citing infrastructure issues, the Lakshadweep government will not resume ship traffic from Beypore port. Traders claim neglect due to vested interests. Despite assurances of adequate depth, Lakshadweep residents protest the decision, facing challenges under the current government. Ship services connecting islands to Mangaluru have resumed, with tickets priced at Rs 650.
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The Lakshadweep government has decided not to resume ship traffic from Beypore port due to inadequate infrastructure facilities. Traders’ associations in Kozhikode claim that neglecting Beypore is due to vested interests of the Lakshadweep government, impacting residents who have strong cultural ties with the region. Despite assurances from Beypore port officials, the depth at the wharf remains inadequate for the safe operation of all-weather passenger vessels owned by Lakshadweep, leading to opposition from relevant authorities.

The Lakshadweep port department director cited the insufficient depth at Beypore wharf as the reason for not resuming services, despite the email assurance from port officials. Residents of Lakshadweep have protested, expressing difficulties in accessing healthcare and education in Kerala now that shipping services to Beypore have ceased. The government has instead resumed ship services connecting Kadmat and Kilthan islands with Mangaluru, causing further inconvenience to residents who rely on Kozhikode.

The ongoing issue has sparked division between the Lakshadweep government and residents who have historical ties to Kerala, calling into question the decisions made under the leadership of Praful K. Patel. The dispute highlights the complexities of infrastructure development impacting cultural connections and the essential services required by residents of Lakshadweep.

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