Candela Secures €25M Funding for Fast Electric Hydrofoil Ferries

Stockholm-based Candela secures €25M funding from Groupe Beneteau, EQT Ventures, Ocean Zero LLC, and Kan Dela AB. The investment will scale up the Candela P-12, the world's first fast and long-range electric hydrofoil ferry. With carbon fibre wings reducing energy consumption by 80%, the P-12 offers a smoother voyage experience.
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Stockholm-based Candela, a manufacturer of long-range electric boats, has secured €25M in funding from Groupe Beneteau, bringing the total fund raised to €70M. Other investors in the round include EQT Ventures, Ocean Zero LLC, and Kan Dela AB. This recent investment will help scale up Candela P-12, the world’s first fast and long-range electric hydrofoil ferry. The P-12 vessel, named “Zero,” made its first successful flight outside Stockholm last November, demonstrating impressive speed and energy efficiency.

The Candela P-12 features three carbon fiber wings beneath the hull that reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to regular fast vessels. The Digital Flight Control System adjusts the foils’ angles based on sensors, providing a smoother voyage without the discomforts of sea-sickness-inducing motions common on regular ships. The second P-12 vessel is set to join Stockholm’s public transport system, offering faster commuting times and a more efficient mode of transportation for citizens.

Candela, founded by Gustav Hasselskog, aims to revolutionize marine transportation by providing sustainable electric hydrofoil vessels that offer shorter travel times and increased comfort compared to traditional ships. The company offers three versions of the P-12 vessel to suit different passenger capacities and requirements. The goal of Candela is to rethink efficiency in maritime transport and push the boundaries of electric boat performance to create a more sustainable future for marine transportation.

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