Captain and Crew Saved as Cargo Ship Sinks off Sepang

The MV KUMJIN cargo ship sank near Tanjung Rhu, Sepang, prompting a swift rescue operation by the Selangor Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency. All ten crew members, including the captain, were rescued after a distress call about a severe leak in the ship's ballast tank. The successful operation underscored the importance of maritime safety and quick response in emergencies.
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A cargo ship, the MV KUMJIN, sank 2.1 nautical miles west of Tanjung Rhu, Sepang, with all ten crew members, including the captain, being rescued. The Selangor Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency received a call reporting that the ship had a severe leak in the front of the ballast tank. The crew members were able to move to a lifeboat despite the leak, and the agency quickly responded by sending a boat to the location.

Despite bad weather, the MMEA team reached the sinking ship and assisted in transferring all crew members onto their boat before taking them to Pulau Indah Marine Police Base Jetty for further action and health checks. The captain, an Indonesian citizen aged 53, and other crew members from Indonesia and Myanmar with ages ranging from 19 to 50 had valid identity documents and permits. The successful rescue operation was attributed to the quick response of the maritime agency.

The incident highlights the importance of maritime safety and preparedness in emergencies. The crew members’ ability to quickly move to the lifeboat and the swift response of the MMEA in rescuing all ten individuals demonstrates the effectiveness of coordinated efforts during such crises. The crew members were safely brought to shore for further assessment, underscoring the significance of regular safety drills and compliance with regulations to prevent accidents at sea.

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