Carnival Crew Member Plunges Overboard During Emergency Drill

During an emergency drill on the Carnival Venezia in St. Thomas, a crew member fell overboard, prompting a swift rescue operation. The incident did not disrupt the ship's itinerary, with the vessel continuing its Eastern Caribbean voyage from New York. Safety drills for guests and crew are crucial for preparedness.
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Crew members aboard the Carnival Venezia cruise ship successfully handled an emergency situation when a crew member fell overboard during a standard safety drill in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The incident occurred on the ship’s 11-night Eastern Caribbean voyage from New York, with St. Thomas being the first port of call. Despite the unexpected emergency, the crew responded swiftly and efficiently, using a rescue boat to retrieve the crew member from the water without any severe injuries.

The incident did not disrupt the ship’s activities or itinerary, with the Carnival Venezia continuing its scheduled stops in San Juan, Amber Cove, Grand Turk, and Half Moon Cay before returning to New York. The ship can accommodate over 4,000 guests and has a crew of over 1,200 international members. Safety drills for guests and crew members are a common practice on cruise ships, ensuring that everyone is familiar with emergency procedures in case of a real-life situation.

While most cruise lines now conduct e-muster drills for guests, Carnival Venezia’s crew members continue to participate in regular emergency drills to practice different scenarios and test equipment. These drills help ensure that both crew members and guests are prepared for any emergencies that may arise while at sea. Despite the unexpected incident, the crew’s quick response and efficient handling of the situation demonstrated their commitment to safety and preparedness.

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