Carnival cruise ship rocked by storm over Memorial Day weekend

Carnival Sunshine cruise ship underway at sea
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The Carnival Sunshine, a cruise ship part of the Carnival Cruise Line, faced heavy weather midway through its return cruise from the Bahamas to Charleston, South Carolina. Passengers on board recorded video footage depicting strong winds and waves crashing into the ship, reportedly at wind speeds of around 80 miles per hour. The bad weather caused by a depression in the Southeast over the Memorial Day weekend delayed the ship’s return on Sunday, causing water damage and broken glass throughout the ship. However, Carnival Cruise Line reported that all passengers were safe whilst minor medical assistance was required.  

Carnival Cruise Line also stated that the rough surf caused some damage, with some crew cabins temporarily being inaccessible until water damage in these areas could be cleaned up. The ship’s public areas are operational, and the Carnival Sunshine is operating its next five-day Bahamas cruise. Coincidentally, earlier in the same week of the storm’s occurrence, the National Hurricane Center had visited Carnival Cruise Line’s headquarters in Miami, Florida. The hurricane center tweeted a photo with the Carnival weather team expressing gratitude to them for providing weather forecasts for Carnival Cruise Line’s fleet.

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