Champions of Safety and Standardization: Foreship

The Maritime Battery Forum (MBF) report highlights a slowdown in retrofit projects despite an increase in ships adopting battery systems. Foreship UK's Shaun White emphasizes the need to address safety concerns and standardize practices to invigorate the retrofit market. Industry efforts to streamline safety guidelines and standardization aim to boost confidence in maritime battery systems.
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The integration of battery technology in ship power systems is a significant development in the maritime industry, but there has been a slowdown in retrofit projects according to a recent report from the Maritime Battery Forum (MBF) in 2023. Despite an increase in the number of ships adopting battery systems, only 11% of battery installations are retrofit projects. Various factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, costs, and safety concerns have contributed to this decline. The challenge of finding space for batteries on existing vessels has also deterred shipowners from pursuing retrofit initiatives.

Shaun White, Managing Director of Foreship UK, emphasizes the importance of addressing safety concerns and standardizing practices to invigorate the retrofit market. Foreship has been proactive in collaborating with shipowners on battery projects, working to ensure safer and more reliable systems. Efforts to streamline safety guidelines and standardization, such as the recent guidance from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), aim to dispel myths and foster confidence in maritime battery systems. By advocating for a data-driven design approach, Foreship is helping to optimize battery technology for safety, performance, and environmental benefits.

As the maritime industry looks towards a greener future, Foreship’s work in battery system optimization and collaboration with industry stakeholders like the MBF highlights the potential for battery technology to revolutionize ship power systems. By championing safety and standardization, Foreship is leading the way towards a more sustainable and efficient maritime sector. The company’s efforts at the upcoming Watts UP Conference in Oslo will showcase their innovative approach to retrofit projects and commitment to advancing battery technology in the industry.

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