Complying with PSC Focus on Firefighting and Clean Machinery Spaces in Liberia

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The Liberian Administration has issued an advisory to inform interested parties about the recent focus on inspection of machinery spaces by Port State Control (PSC) regimes. The advisory highlights the increased scrutiny on the proper operation of firefighting equipment and cleanliness of machinery spaces. Port State Control Officers have consistently noted several issues, including the Engine Room Water Mist system being set in “Manual” mode, Fuel Oil Quick Closing valves being blocked open, incorrect installation or absence of pipe insulation laggings, and excessive fuel and oil accumulation and leaks in machinery spaces.

To comply with the advisory, the Liberian Administration encourages owners, operators, masters, and chief engineers to take certain steps and checks during the normal operation of their vessels. These include ensuring that engine room water mist systems are in good working order and set to “Remote” or “Automatic” mode, keeping quick closing valves free to operate and regularly testing them, inspecting insulation lagging for damage or signs of hot spots, and promptly correcting fuel and lubricant leaks.

The advisory also emphasizes the importance of fixed gas detection systems in preventing harm to the crew, ship, and environment. It recommends proper operation and testing of the system, as well as having the appropriate span gas on board. The Liberian Administration emphasizes that rectifying and preventing these issues is crucial for the safe operation of any vessel.

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