Corvus Energy Launches Safe Marine Fuel Cell System.

Corvus Unveils Pelican Fuel Cell System
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Corvus Energy, in collaboration with Toyota and other partners, has launched the Corvus Pelican Fuel Cell System, a gas-safe marine fuel cell product that is the result of the H2NOR research project that started in 2021. The project aims to fast-track the development and production of sustainable and scalable Maritime Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems. After two years of development, the Pelican FCS stands out as the safest marine fuel cell system to date, using Toyota’s fuel cell technology that is used in over 20,000 cars and configuring it to meet the safety level required for marine use.

The inherently gas-safe system enables the Pelican FCS to be installed anywhere on board a vessel. Furthermore, the modular and flexible system is considered gas-safe under all conditions, significantly reducing safety support systems and ventilation requirements, and offering more efficient integration of the system inside the ship’s hull. This revolutionary marine power is needed to help reach the ultimate goal of zero-emission transportation.

Corvus Energy is developing CoPilot, an application for fuel cell and battery systems that will support system integrators in optimally distributing power between fuel cell systems and batteries. Fuel cell systems can also be combined with batteries to form a hybrid power system. Energy Storage Systems handle load variations, while fuel cell systems perform best at stable loads, ensuring reliable energy supply.

Geir Bjørkeli, CEO of Corvus Energy, stated that hydrogen is the most energy-efficient way of bringing clean energy in a different format for shorter and medium-distance routes. He further explained that the safety level, flexibility, and modular design of the Pelican FCS will revolutionize marine power going forward. The new hybrid power system is considered a significant milestone in the marine industry, contributing towards reducing emissions and ultimately protecting the planet.

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