Crowley and ABS Collaborate to Develop Augmented Reality Technology

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Florida-based marine company Crowley has partnered with the ABS classification society to explore the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies in the maritime industry. The collaboration aims to enhance maintenance and survey operations, as well as improve safety for mariners and surveyors. Crowley’s new service network uses augmented reality technology, allowing crew members to wear goggles that provide real-time visuals of ship equipment to remote technicians for collaboration on solutions. The technology, developed by Kognitiv Spark, enables faster completion of maintenance tasks and upgrades through digital collaboration.

As part of the partnership, ABS and Crowley will conduct a joint pilot project for classification-related survey support activities. This will involve virtual walkthroughs, livestreaming, and the use of fully remote and hybrid survey techniques. The goal is to enrich the data used in the class process and ensure the safety of mariners and surveyors. ABS has been at the forefront of applying innovative technologies such as laser scanning, unmanned aerial vehicles, and wearable technologies to traditional class-related surveys and inspections.

Both companies believe that this partnership will lead to safer and more efficient operations in the maritime industry. Crowley Shipping’s Vice President, Cole Cosgrove, stated that the collaboration will benefit their maritime ecosystem and customers by providing more reliable and effective services. ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Patrick Ryan, emphasized the importance of exploring the possibilities of augmented reality technology for future survey operations and safety in use.

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