Kongsberg Maritime Reduces CO2 Emissions by 23% on Hurtigruten’s Richard With Ship

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Kongsberg Maritime has successfully reduced CO2 emissions by 23% on Hurtigruten’s Richard With ship after a year of operation. The ship underwent an extensive refit last year as part of a partnership between Kongsberg Maritime and Myklebust Verft shipyard. The aim of the project was to convert three Hurtigruten ships to hybrid technology in order to reduce emissions and engine noise. The Richard With is one of the ships that have been converted, with the Kong Harald already relaunched and the Nordlys scheduled for relaunch in 2025. The project is one of the largest in Europe, with an investment value of approximately €100 million.

Hedda Felin, CEO of Hurtigruten Coastal Express, stated that retrofitting the vessels with the latest technology is more environmentally friendly than scrapping and building new ships. The refit program for the Richard With included the installation of hybrid shaft generators, lithium-ion batteries, engines, and various other systems. Geir Oscar Løseth, Kongsberg Maritime’s vice president of sales aftermarket advanced offerings, highlighted the safety benefits of the refit, stating that the vessel is now safer and smoother in the water, with multiple operational options.

Overall, the successful refit of the Richard With has resulted in a significant decrease in CO2 emissions and improved safety and operational capabilities for the ship. The project is part of a larger initiative to reduce emissions and promote sustainable travel along the Norwegian coast.

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