Cyber Resilience Initiatives in Maritime Industry Gain Momentum

In collaboration with COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, Lloyd's Register is developing an 82,500 dwt bulk carrier design to meet the new UR E26 for cyber resilience in ships. This partnership marks LR's first JDP focusing on E26 compliance, addressing shipowners' concerns about cybersecurity. COSCO's Director of Design & Research Institute expressed confidence in achieving UR E26 compliance with LR's approval.
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Lloyd’s Register has announced a partnership with COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry to develop an 82,500 dwt bulk carrier design that meets the new Unified Requirement (UR) E26 for cyber resilience in ships. The UR, issued by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), will come into force on July 1, 2024, and aims to ensure the secure integration of operational and information technology equipment onboard ships throughout their lifecycle.

This partnership marks LR’s first Joint Development Project (JDP) focused on E26 compliance, reflecting the growing concern of shipowners regarding cybersecurity. By working with COSCO Heavy Industry, Lloyd’s Register will create a vessel design that aligns with the new IACS UR E26 requirements, reinforcing cyber resilience in ships and supporting industry standards.

In response to the UR E26 requirements, OTESAT_MARITEL and Bureau Veritas (BV) have collaborated to certify two cybersecurity solutions, IRIS and s@tGate, according to the IACS UR E27 Rev.1 standards for cyber resilience in onboard systems and equipment. COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry’s Director of Design & Research Institute, Pan Zhiyuan, expressed confidence in their achievement of UR E26 compliance with LR’s approval, demonstrating readiness to address shipowners’ concerns and reduce cyber risks when the new regulations come into effect.

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