SLGREEN Project: ShippingLab Launches Sustainable Ship Operations Initiative

The ShippingLab in Denmark launches the SLGREEN project, aiming to support sustainable ship operations with a DKK 31 million investment. Over three years, the project will focus on predicting ship performance, managing biofouling, monitoring engine wear, digital piloting, and improving crew comfort. Partners include Danish Maritime Fund, DS Norden, and Lauritzen Fonden.
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The ShippingLab non-profit innovation collaboration platform in Denmark has launched the SLGREEN project to support more sustainable ship operations, with over DKK 31 million in investment from the Danish Innovation Fund. Over the next three years, the project will focus on seven work packages, including areas such as predicting ship performance, managing hull performance, and improving crew comfort and health on board. The project is supported by the Danish Maritime Fund, DS Norden, and Lauritzen Fonden, with 20 partners participating.

The steering group behind ShippingLab includes major industry players like MAN Energy Solutions, DFDS, and A.P. Moller-Maersk, with the goal of developing Danish maritime technologies, supporting entrepreneurship, and attracting new talent to the shipping industry. The project aims to not only follow but drive the global shift towards greener shipping, playing a key role in job creation and talent attraction. The chairman of ShippingLab, Morten Vejlgaard-Laursen, expressed excitement for the groundbreaking initiatives that SLGREEN will bring to the maritime industry.

The project will focus on developing tools for predicting ship performance, managing biofouling, and improving engine wear prediction, among other technical areas of research. The support from the Danish Innovation Fund and other partners reflects a strong commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the maritime industry. With the involvement of key industry players and a focus on innovation and sustainability, SLGREEN aims to make a significant impact on the Danish maritime sector.

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