India’s National Action Plan for Green Shipping: Vision for a Prosperous and Sustainable Maritime Sector

National Action Plan for Green Shipping promotes eco-friendly practices: DG of Shipping
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India is working towards a prosperous and environmentally responsible future in its maritime sector through the National Action Plan for Green Shipping. Speaking at a maritime exhibition and conference, the Director General of Shipping highlighted the country’s vision, which includes quadrupling port capacity, developing clean energy fuel hubs, and promoting cruise tourism. The three-day conference will cover various industry issues, with a specific focus on green shipping and digitalisation. The National Action Plan aims to promote eco-friendly practices and incentives for low-emission ships, positioning India’s maritime sector as a leader in sustainability. Recent achievements in the shipping sector, such as doubling major ports’ capacity and increased use of solar power, have been driven by transformative reforms and digitization initiatives.

India’s vision for its maritime sector includes expanding port capacity, developing clean energy fuel hubs, promoting growth in cruise tourism, and establishing itself as a leader in shipbuilding and recycling. The country has made significant progress in these areas, thanks to initiatives like the Sagarmala program and digitization efforts. Sustainability is a key focus, as demonstrated by the Swachh Sagar Portal, which provides environmental data. The National Action Plan for Green Shipping plays a crucial role in achieving India’s goals, by encouraging eco-friendly practices and offering incentives for low-emission ships. The country is positioning itself for a prosperous future in the maritime sector, while also taking responsibility for preserving the environment.

The INMEX SMM India 2023 conference, held in collaboration with German exhibition organiser Hamburg Messe und Congress, serves as a platform to discuss industry issues, including green shipping and digitalisation. This conference highlights the importance of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the maritime sector. India’s commitment to these values is evident in its national action plan, which promotes a responsible and prosperous future for the country’s maritime industry. Through transformative reforms and digitization initiatives, India has achieved significant milestones, including doubling port capacity and expanding the use of solar power. With its vision for quadrupling port capacity, developing clean energy fuel hubs, and promoting cruise tourism, India is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable maritime practices.

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