Disney to Launch Year-Round Cruises in Japan Starting 2029

The Disney Wish. Photo courtesy Disney/Steven Diaz
Disney and Oriental Land Co., Ltd. (OLC) have signed an agreement to introduce year-round Disney cruises in Japan starting in 2029. This collaboration continues the strong partnership between the two companies, with OLC operating the Disney-branded cruise line in Japan. The new ship will offer unique experiences tailored to Japanese guests.
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Disney and Oriental Land Co., Ltd. have agreed to bring year-round Disney cruises to Japan starting in 2029. This partnership marks over 40 years of collaboration between the two companies, with OLC being the owner and operator of the Tokyo Disney Resort. The new Disney-branded cruise line in Japan will provide a unique vacation experience for families and fans in the country.

The Disney Cruise Line has been expanding its offerings globally, with the recent addition of the Disney Wish, the first new ship in a decade. The new Disney cruise ship for Japan will be built in Germany and tailored to meet the needs of Japanese guests. It will run on liquefied natural gas and feature popular venues and experiences found on other Disney ships.

The Disney Cruise Line currently sails to various destinations worldwide, including the Bahamas, Europe, Alaska, and Hawaii. The addition of year-round cruises in Japan, as well as future plans for cruises from Singapore, demonstrates Disney’s commitment to providing unique and memorable vacation experiences for guests around the world.

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