Disrupted supply chains are now the norm

Port of Barcelona
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Shippers have had to adjust their planning due to disrupted supply chains caused by various challenges, including port strikes, Covid lockdowns, and labor shortages. Additionally, Europe’s ports are facing ongoing and new challenges such as decarbonization, the impact of the war in Ukraine, and accommodating the growth in e-commerce. Despite these challenges, port officials are seeking solutions and opportunities in disruptions, with a focus on serving the economy and creating value and wealth rather than volume.

Barcelona’s port handled a record 70.9 million tons in 2022 but faced a decline in imports of containers by 29.5%. The port aims to create long-term economic, social, and environmental impacts by measuring added value rather than physical units. Gothenburg Port Authority’s senior business developer also projects a “rollercoaster ride” for the logistics structure and supply chain of many companies due to the pandemic’s impact. Despite the challenges, port officials remain optimistic, seeking ways to adapt to the changes in the industry to create lasting economic benefits.

Source: https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/ports-logistics/european-ports-facing-new-reality-disruptive-supply-chain_piece

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