DP World Introduces New Global Network for Freight Forwarding

DP World Launches Global Freight Forwarding Network
DP World has expanded its global freight forwarding network with over 100 branches worldwide, including 16 locations in India's major metros and tier I cities. This expansion aims to support customers navigating global trade complexities amidst disruptions, with over 1,000 jobs created and more to come as DP World's team grows.
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DP World has recently opened over 100 freight forwarding offices around the world, including 16 branches in India located in major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, as well as tier I cities like Pune and Ahmedabad. The expansion is part of a move to support customers amid global trade challenges and disruptions, with over 1,000 jobs created already and more expected to be added in the next year.

Businesses are increasingly looking for strategies to build resilience into their supply chains, especially in light of disruptions caused by climate change, geopolitics, and macroeconomic challenges. As a response, DP World is expanding its freight forwarding offering, focusing on air and ocean freight. This expansion aims to provide more control and resilience to businesses in managing their supply chains, along with leveraging proprietary digital technology and partnerships across the supply chain for efficiency.

DP World’s expansion includes offering services such as order and origin management, port handling, and freight management for air and ocean, customs clearance, logistics, last-mile delivery, and bonded warehousing services. Utilizing a single digital platform supported by over 500 IT specialists, customers can track their goods in real-time and manage their cargo journey seamlessly. By increasing its presence in the global logistics industry, DP World aims to simplify global trade for its customers and provide end-to-end solutions for their logistics needs.

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