DP World partners with Deendayal Port Authority for Tuna Tekra container terminal.

Deendayal Port Authority ropes in DP World for container terminal at Tuna Tekra
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The Deendayal Port Authority (DPA) has selected DP World to develop a new container terminal at Tuna Tekra. A concession agreement will be signed for the development and operation of the terminal, which will be constructed at a cost of ₹4,243.64 crore through a public-private partnership (PPP). The agreement will be for a period of 30 years and can be extended up to 50 years.

Once completed, the terminal will have the capacity to handle 2.19 million container units annually, including next-generation vessels carrying over 18,000 units. It will serve the trade demands of northern, western, and central India, connecting these regions to global markets. This project aligns with the Indian government’s Vision 2047, which aims to increase port handling capacity and promote economic growth through the development of multimodal logistics infrastructure.

The container terminal will adhere to green port guidelines, ensuring sustainable port operations and environmental management. By adopting best practices, it will contribute to the long-term sustainability goals set by the Indian government.

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