ESVAGT Introduces Expanded Transfer Vessel

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Danish companies ESVAGT and Hvide Sande Shipyard are working together to create larger and more powerful transfer boats for the offshore wind industry. ESVAGT had previously introduced safe transfer boats (STB) to transfer technicians in offshore wind farms from their service operation vessels (SOV). Now, they have developed the STB15 in collaboration with Hvide Sande Shipyard, which will be able to transport more technicians and cargo. The new boats will also be able to operate in higher seas, expanding their potential uses. The STB15s are equipped with a stabilizer system to moderate the boat’s movements, making them highly effective.

Søren Westphal, Senior Project Manager at ESVAGT, expressed the need for the new boats, stating that their previous SOV concept with transfer boats had shown its potential and created a demand for more tasks to be solved with the STBs. COO Jeppe Hoff from Hvide Sande Shipyard is proud to collaborate on the project, highlighting the successful partnership they had on the predecessor STB12 and the incorporation of seafarers’ experiences into the boat design.

Overall, this collaboration aims to develop the next generation of transfer boats for the wind industry, providing safer and more efficient transportation for technicians and cargo in offshore wind farms.

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