EU Commission President Unveils Revolutionary Methanol Ship ‘Laura Mærsk’

EU Commission President names groundbreaking methanol ship “Laura Mærsk”
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The new Maersk container ship, named “Laura Maersk,” was christened in a ceremony at the port of Copenhagen. The ship’s godmother, President von der Leyen, broke a champagne bottle over the bow to officially name the vessel. Maersk Chairman Robert Uggla and CEO Vincent Clerc also spoke at the ceremony. Clerc called the ship a “historic milestone” and a symbol of the industry’s determination to achieve a sustainable future. The ship is part of Maersk’s ambitious goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and transport 25% of sea freight using green fuels by 2030.

The name “Laura” holds special significance for Maersk, as it was the name of Captain Peter Maersk Moller’s first steamship in 1886. The ship was part of the second industrial revolution and made a significant impact on the shipping industry. “Laura” was also the first ship to carry the white seven-pointed star on a light blue background, which later became the logo of AP Moller – Maersk.

The “Laura Maersk” is a 2,100 TEU (20-foot equivalent) feeder vessel and represents an important step towards Maersk’s long-term goal of converting their entire fleet to environmentally friendly fuels. Maersk has ordered 24 additional methanol vessels to be delivered between 2024 and 2027 and has a policy of only ordering new, owned vessels with a green fuel option. By committing to these initiatives, Maersk aims to lead the industry in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable shipping practices.

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