Modern Cruise Ships are Built with Intelligent Door Hinges

The Icon of the Seas, the largest cruise ship ever built, features innovative e-hinges by Antti Marine for select stateroom doors. These hinges, connected to an online RFID lock and Ethernet network, provide secure entry and access to onboard services. With hidden cables for durability and smart integration possibilities, Antti Marine is revolutionizing door technology in the maritime industry.
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The majestic Icon of the Seas made its debut in January 2024, setting a new standard as the largest cruise ship ever constructed. One of the ship’s standout features is its innovative door hinges, with over 3,200 e-hinges provided by Antti Marine for certain stateroom doors on board the Icon.

These e-hinges, in conjunction with an online RFID lock, connect the door to the ship’s Ethernet network, providing a seamless and secure entry system. By supplying electricity through the e-hinge (PoE), the cabin key can also serve as an identifier for passengers to access onboard services or at partner resorts.

Unlike conventional systems that leave cabling exposed and vulnerable, the e-hinge ensures the cable remains invisible and protected within the door frame, enhancing durability and security. Antti Marine has conducted rigorous testing to ensure the e-hinge’s reliability and corrosion resistance, meeting industry standards for durability and electronic functionality.

The e-hinge not only improves door functionality but also opens up possibilities for integrating smart features, such as cabin control via an Ethernet network. For Antti Marine, a door is more than just an entry point—it’s a platform for innovative and intelligent solutions. To learn more about Antti Marine and their products, visit their website at

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