Expedition cruise ship caught fire in Glacier Bay National Park.

Engine fire on UnCruise Aventures' Wilderness Discoverer forces evacuation of 67 passengers and crew
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A small expedition cruise ship called the Wilderness Explorer caught fire on June 6th, while travelling in Glacier Bay National Park, requiring the evacuation of 51 guests and 16 crew members. Thankfully, there were no injuries from the fire, and all affected guests will receive a full refund from UnCruise Adventures, the ship’s operator. The US Coast Guard was notified about the fire at 7:30 am by the crew members aboard the Wilderness Explorer.

The Sapphire Princess, owned by Carnival Corporation and operated by Princess Cruises, carried passengers from the Wilderness Explorer and used excursion boats. UnCruise Adventures didn’t provide any information about the cause of the fire. However, the smooth operations continued, and the state and local authorities brought guests and crew to GBNP Headquarters, where they were presented with flights to go back home.

Do you have any comments or questions about the incident? Feel free to leave one below in our Facebook page or visit the links for photos and coverage. Susie Posson photographed the fire and the evacuation of the passengers from the cruise ship while CNN reported it, and the US Coast Guard provided a photo of an excursion boat carrying the passengers from the Wilderness Explorer via Anchorage Daily News.

The incident is a reminder of how crucial it is to be prepared in the event of an emergency and how essential it is to pay attention to safety protocols. Being vigilant and alert can help prevent avoidable incidents and accidents.

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