Floatspace Introduces Live Run-Sheets for Fast Boat Bookings

Floatspace introduces "live run-sheets" for boat operators, revolutionizing the booking process with real-time updates and seamless customer experience. Powered by their proprietary technology, Floatspace streamlines the journey from inquiry to boarding, saving time and enhancing customer service. With plans for further development and expansion, Floatspace is set to make waves in the industry.
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Floatspace, an Australian online boating platform, has introduced “live run-sheets” to boat operators, allowing for fast and high volume bookings. This new feature, powered by the platform’s proprietary technology “Boatbooked,” streamlines the booking process for both customers and boat owners by providing real-time availability, live pricing, and automation.

The addition of “live run-sheets” enables operators and customers to view real-time updates and changes to their bookings instantly, saving time and facilitating faster bookings. This feature not only benefits the customer booking the boat but also allows for information to be shared with the entire group onboard, enhancing the overall experience.

Floatspace, now in its 7th year of operation, aims to further develop its technology and platform capabilities, expand into new markets, and increase revenue streams. Customers can expect a fully automated quote, real-time availability, and live pricing with all variables considered, making booking a boat quick and efficient. With the introduction of “live run-sheets,” the platform continues to innovate and provide a seamless booking experience for all users.

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