Fortescue Reveals Ammonia-Powered Ship and Calls for Updated Regulations

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Fortescue, an Australian mining company, has completed the retrofit of the world’s first ocean-going ammonia-fueled ship, the FFI Green Pioneer. The company’s chairman, Andrew Forrest, arrived in Dubai for the COP28 conference aboard the vessel, which made the trip from Singapore on diesel fuel due to current regulatory limitations.

Forrest is calling on regulators and ports to license green ammonia loading to facilitate pollution-free shipping. He believes that the regulatory landscape and the limitations at ports are hindering the progress of decarbonizing shipping. Fortescue Future Industries acquired the supply ship MMA Leveque in early 2022 and spent 18 months developing the technology needed to run it as an ammonia dual-fuel ship.

The company’s plan does not stop with this demonstration, as it is also working on a broader plan for a world-first fuel transfer and marine vessel with approval to use ammonia as a fuel. Forrest stated that the company is committed to launching a 270,000-ton ammonia-fueled iron ore bulker by the end of the decade.

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