Four crew members missing after vessel sinks near bridge

Chinese authorities are searching for four missing crew members after their vessel sank near a bridge over the Xijian River. Seven out of 11 crew members were rescued. The incident occurred during heavy rain and flooding, with reports of at least 10 missing individuals and four deaths. The vessel collided with a bridge pillar, causing it to sink.
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Chinese authorities are currently searching for four crew members who went missing after their vessel sank near a bridge over the Xijian River. Out of the 11 crew members on board, seven were rescued, while the remaining four are still unaccounted for. This incident is reminiscent of a similar accident in 2007 on the same river, which resulted in the deaths of at least nine individuals.

The vessel, carrying 4,900 tonnes of rolled steel, collided with a bridge pillar and sank into the river due to heavy rain and flooding in the region. State media reports indicate that at least 10 individuals are missing, and four deaths have been confirmed as a result of the flooding. Approximately 110,000 residents in Guangdong province have been relocated due to the ongoing floods.

The Jiujian Bridge, a significant structure in the region, was damaged in the incident, prompting Chinese officials to impose traffic control measures on the river and conduct safety assessments on the bridge. Reports suggest that improper vessel operation, combined with upstream flooding and strong river currents, led to the accident. This incident is reminiscent of a 2007 accident where a sand-laden vessel struck the same bridge, causing a section to collapse and resulting in multiple casualties.

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