Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines implements comprehensive five-year fire safety plan

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines sets five-year fire protection plan
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has partnered with Star International for safety maintenance on its three-ship fleet. The five-year contract will cover annual inspections and repairs of firefighting and rescue equipment on Bolette, Borealis, and Balmoral. Star's Managing Director, Matthew Ball, emphasized the importance of regular maintenance in protecting passengers and crew at sea.
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Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has partnered with Star International to provide safety maintenance for their three smaller cruise ships. The five-year contract will involve annual inspections and repairs of firefighting systems and rescue equipment, such as inflatable SOLAS life jackets, on the Bolette, Borealis, and Balmoral ships. Matthew Ball, Managing Director of Star, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership, emphasizing the importance of maintaining safety systems on board to protect passengers and crew. He highlighted that proper maintenance is crucial for saving lives and minimizing the risks and costs associated with accidents at sea.

The collaboration between Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and Star International is aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on board the cruise ships. This long-term contract underscores the commitment of both companies to prioritize passenger and crew safety by conducting regular and thorough maintenance of essential safety equipment. The partnership reflects the growing emphasis on safety and compliance within the cruise industry, with both companies recognizing the critical role of safety measures in preventing accidents and emergencies at sea.

Maintaining safety systems on board cruise ships goes beyond meeting regulatory requirements—it is crucial for preventing emergencies and safeguarding lives. By entrusting Star International with the task of inspecting and repairing safety equipment, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is taking proactive steps to enhance the safety standards on its fleet of smaller cruise ships. The partnership signifies the cruise line’s dedication to ensuring a safe and secure environment for passengers and crew members, emphasizing the importance of ongoing safety maintenance to mitigate risks and protect against potential hazards at sea.

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