Furuno Introduces New Multi-Function Displays for Tugboats to Improve Maritime Safety

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. introduces the NavNet TZtouchXL series, a range of rugged multi-function displays for tugboats and workboats. With state-of-the-art radar, chart, and sonar capabilities, these MFDs are designed to withstand challenging maritime conditions, revolutionizing maritime navigation with enhanced safety features and advanced data management tools.
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Furuno Electric Co., Ltd. has introduced the NavNet TZtouchXL series of rugged multi-function displays (MFDs) designed for tugboats and workboats, enhancing navigational safety and efficiency. These MFDs incorporate radar, electronic chart, and sonar capabilities, with models ranging from compact sizes to larger screens for optimal visibility in adverse weather conditions. The displays feature Furuno’s innovative RotoKey control knob and TZtouchXL touchscreen user interface, powered by a hexacore processor for rapid response times and seamless monitoring of critical navigational data.

Integrated with Furuno DRS Radar, the NavNet TZtouchXL series offers safety features such as the Risk Visualizer, providing a 360° visual representation of approaching objects, and the AI Avoidance Route feature for plotting safe navigation routes around hazards. The displays also support advanced navigation tools tailored for tugboat and workboat operations, including AIS information display, autopilot control, and new chart plotting features from TZ MAPS charts. Operators can also manage data efficiently with a TimeZero account for backup and cloud retrieval of operational information.

The NavNet TZtouchXL series by Furuno Electric represents a significant advancement in maritime navigation technology, setting new standards for navigational safety and efficiency in the tugboat and workboat industry. By integrating cutting-edge display technology with advanced safety features like dynamic icons for collision risks and AI route planning, Furuno demonstrates its commitment to innovation in the maritime sector. The displays also support advanced chart plotting features, AIS information display, and efficient data management tools for tugboat and workboat operators.

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