General cargoship from Vietnam sinks, crew saved

The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore received a distress call from the cargo vessel Hung Phat 89, 380 nm east of Vung Tau, Vietnam. All 11 crew members were rescued before the vessel sank. Owned by Thai Duong Marine Transport, the 2006-built ship was lost at sea.
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The Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) received a distress call from the Vietnamese-flagged general cargo vessel Hung Phat 89 on 10 March. The vessel was located about 380 nm east of Vung Tau, Vietnam, within the Singapore Maritime Search and Rescue Region. Upon receiving the call, MPA’s Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) issued navigational broadcasts for nearby vessels to keep a lookout and also alerted MRCC Vietnam.

By 7pm on the same day, MRCC Vietnam informed Singapore authorities that all 11 crew members of the Hung Phat 89 had been rescued and the vessel had sunk. The 2006-built cargo ship was owned by Thai Duong Marine Transport in Vietnam. The successful rescue operation was a collaborative effort between MRCC Singapore and MRCC Vietnam, showcasing effective coordination and communication between maritime authorities in the region.

The incident highlights the importance of prompt response and coordination in maritime search and rescue operations. Despite the vessel sinking, all crew members were safely rescued, underscoring the dedication and professionalism of the involved authorities. The MPA’s quick actions in issuing navigational broadcasts and alerting relevant parties contributed to the successful outcome of the rescue mission.

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