Greek ferry crew goes on strike following the tragic death of a passenger at Piraeus Port

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The Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has announced a 24-hour strike on September 13th, which will affect all ships in Greece. This strike is in response to a tragic incident at Piraeus Port, where a passenger was pushed into the sea and drowned by a crew member of the ‘Blue Horizon’ ferry. The PNO has called for the strike to protest against this incident.

As a result of the strike, travelers to island destinations in Greece are expected to face significant disruptions next week. The PNO union has emphasized that Greek seamen are dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to safeguard human lives at sea. They have urged that this unfortunate event should not tarnish the reputation of the entire seafaring community.

The strike is a powerful demonstration of the seamen’s solidarity and their demand for justice in the wake of the tragic incident. It serves as a reminder of the important role that seamen play in ensuring the safety of passengers and crew members at sea. However, the strike will undoubtedly cause inconvenience to travelers, who will need to make alternative arrangements for their journeys during this period.

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