Hanwha Ocean Partners with Amogy to Implement Ammonia-Powered Ships

Aerial view of a container ship
South Korea's Hanwha Ocean partners with New York's Amogy to advance zero-emission ammonia-to-power technology for ships, acquiring Amogy's cutting-edge system. The collaboration, involving Hanwha Aerospace, aims to revolutionize maritime decarbonization with scalable ammonia-powered solutions. Exec VP Hyoung Seog Kim believes this partnership propels a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.
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South Korea’s Hanwha Ocean, a leading shipbuilder, has partnered with New York-based Amogy to advance the implementation of Amogy’s zero-emission ammonia-to-power technology for ammonia-powered ships. Through the agreement, Hanwha Ocean will acquire Amogy’s cutting-edge ammonia-to-electricity power system, with participation from Hanwha Aerospace, a subsidiary of Hanwha Ocean specializing in hydrogen fuel cell systems. Founded in 2020 by MIT graduates, Amogy is focused on developing a scalable, ammonia-powered energy system for heavy-duty transportation, including cargo ships, with the goal of introducing the technology to the maritime industry.

Highlighting ammonia as an eco-friendly energy source with advantages in storage and transportation, Hyoung Seog Kim, Executive Vice President at Hanwha Ocean, emphasized its role in the company’s efforts towards maritime decarbonization solutions. The partnership, coupled with Amogy’s ammonia-to-electricity power system and Hanwha Aerospace’s hydrogen fuel cell technology, signifies a step towards a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future in the maritime sector. By collaborating to promote the use of ammonia technologies, the three companies aim to drive innovation and environmental stewardship in the industry.

The collaboration between Hanwha Ocean, Amogy, and Hanwha Aerospace showcases a shared commitment to advancing environmentally friendly technologies in the maritime industry. With a focus on zero-emission energy sources and sustainable solutions, the partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of ammonia-powered ships and contribute to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions in shipping. Through the combination of expertise and resources from all three companies, the initiative represents a significant step forward in promoting cleaner and more efficient practices in maritime transportation.

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