Houthis pose a threat of ship attacks in the Mediterranean

Houthi stand on beach after ship attack
The Iran-backed Houthi group threatens to attack ships in the eastern Mediterranean, intensifying its anti-Israel campaign. While they have attacked ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, their capabilities beyond these waters remain uncertain. With support from Iran, the threat to ships linked to Israel, the US, and the UK persists.
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The Houthi group based in Yemen has threatened to attack ships in the eastern Mediterranean as part of its campaign against Israel. While the Iran-backed militia has been targeting ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, their ability to do so in the Mediterranean is uncertain. The Houthi attacks are seen as support for Palestinians and against Israel, as well as in response to Israeli actions in Gaza.

The Houthi spokesperson, Yahya Saree, issued the warning against Israel in a speech, mentioning recent strikes on Houthi positions by the US and UK. The threat to ships connected to Israel, the US, and UK has led to the closure of the southern Red Sea to Western vessels, increasing travel time and costs for shipping companies. Despite airstrikes weakening their capabilities, the Houthis still pose a threat to ships in the region.

Supported by Iran, the Houthis have received training and assistance in targeting ships, although most successful attacks have been closer to Yemen. The ongoing conflict and threats from the Houthis are expected to make the Red Sea a dangerous route for shipping for the foreseeable future. The situation highlights the complexities and risks associated with maritime trade in conflict zones.

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