India Secures Specific Zone in Duqm Port Amid Red Sea Crisis

Amid Red Sea crisis, India gets a specific zone in Duqm Port
Oman has allocated a specific zone to India in the Port of Duqm, following Sultan Haitham bin Tariq's visit to New Delhi. This move will enhance India's role in the western and southern Indian Ocean region, bolstering the Indian Navy's security and logistics capabilities, and increasing its presence in the region.
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Oman has designated a specific zone in the Port of Duqm for India, a move that comes shortly after Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s visit to New Delhi. This decision is expected to strengthen India’s position in the western and southern Indian Ocean region, particularly in terms of maritime cooperation and security.

The allocation of this zone will enable the Indian Navy to play a greater role in maintaining security in the Red Sea and the western Indian Ocean region, as well as in providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. It will also contribute to India’s increasing presence in the region, where the Indian Navy is actively involved in anti-piracy operations and has assisted ships targeted by Yemeni Houthi rebels.

The Port of Duqm, located in the Al Wusta governorate of Oman, holds strategic significance for India as it overlooks important maritime routes such as the Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean, and Arabian Sea. With its ship repair yard and dry dock facility, the port offers convenient access to shipping lines serving India and African markets, further strengthening India’s maritime capabilities in the region.

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